Project Development

Each project involves taking the client's initial design concept and developing it into the final manufactured product. The first stage is for the client to provide 3D renderings, photos, sketches and CAD drawings of the design which they want us to produce. Once the documents have been reviewed, JB House will provide technical feedback and drawing revisions. The next stage is to decide upon the appropriate materials and production methods. Once this is confirmed then we can commence and produce a sample or prototype which gets signed off and approved before production can start.


The client will provide us with 3D renderings, sketches and photos of their design concept so that our team can quickly understand the design concept.


The client will also provide CAD drawings for each part of their design. Our team will review these drawings together with the 3D renderings to ensure that technically, the design concept can be produced in an efficient and cost effective manner. Depending on the design our team will offer suggestion and solutions for any technically challenging elements.


During the materials selection process we consider all factors including design, functionality, finish, environmental considerations, budget and timelines. With our extensive knowledge of materials and production processes we are able to provide professional advice and selection to our clients.


Effort spent in evaluation of your design concept for sampling and prototyping will ensure better final outcome. Doing a sample or prototype can provide a quick and effective way of seeing how the final product will look and feel. This will also fine-tune the manufacturing process for better efficiency.