LumiSheet ™ is the world's first unified lighting sheet which contains LED in itself as a source of light unlike the traditional BLU(Back Light Unit) which is made by putting a lamp on the outside of acrylic.
Super Slim : The LED inserted LumiSheet is extremely thin: 6mm or 8mm.
Uniform Brightness : 3D V-cut acrylic and high intensity LED ensures that LumiSheet is brighter than any printed light guide plate and illumination is uniform throughout its surface.
Low Power Consumption : LumiSheet consumes up to 55% less energy than the fluorescent lamp, and up to 30% less energy than the Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp.
Long Lifetime : Maintenance free with over 50,000 hours (11 years at 12 hours a day).




LED Light Panel

LED Channel Letter & Logo


LED Light Box