Moonlight has received eight international design awards. Among them, such important awards as the IF Design Award, From 99, Good Design Award Japan and Design Plus.
Moonlight is also well-presented in the world of media: Countless publications in magazines, periodicals, newspapers and books both in Germany and abroad, as well as numerous appearances in films, TV productions series and shows.
Moonlight has made great efforts to keep the light operation energy costs as low as possible. The smallest light of this vast variety consumes 3 Watt and the largest light, with a diameter of 750mm, starts at 23W.




Installation Option

Surface Mount : A stable, flat bottomed mounting base for use on solid surfaces like sidewalks, pool decks, boat docks etc. complete with pilot holes for wiring and anchors.

Sub-Surface Mount : Specially designed for landscape lighting with a deep well and extra-long anchors for stability. This mount also has pilot holes for wiring.

Portable Plug-In : Flexible use is the key with our standard plug-in light. Use it as you would any lamp with the added benefit of water resistance so you can take it outside with you. Using an extra long cord plug into any standard household plug and can be used both inside and outside.

Floating : Completely sealed and water tight, Moonlight floating globe can operate on a rechargeable battery or with a waterproof electrical cable which also serves as a tether to keep the globe in place in the water.

Battery : Cordless for unlimited possibilities like camping, beach or anywhere you want to go. Charge the globe during the day for up to 8 hours of soft, glowing light in the evening.


Full Globes : The most popular style of globe is the full globe.

Hemisphere Globes : Hemisphere globe is perfectly suited for a low profile application or wall mounting.

Pendant Globe : Fantastic for both home and commercial use, the pendant globe fits any decor. Available with a full range of color variations plus an optional internal speaker, the light has the benefit of bringing both illumination and music to the table in one fixture.

Cocktail Table : Discs are available for 550mm and 750mm globes. Made of crystal clear acrylic, the center has a specially mitered cut and silicone grip to hug your Moonlight securely.

Column Light : Our pole lights raise the charm of light into a completely new dimension. They are ideal in parks, city centers, company premises and private gardens.

Moonlight® Sound : Never before has there been a fixture such as this, combining soft illumination with 360° professional audio speakers in one fixture. A perfect solution for theme parks, night clubs, lounges, events, rentals and home use. Moonlight® Sound is a revolutionary product whose time has come.

Surfaces at a glance

Surface Daylight Colors: Fully integrated into the polyethylene material, Moonlight® Daylight Colors are a permanent option for both day and night visibility. Colors include red, green, blue and yellow as well as stone looking colors terra cotta, sandstone and granite. Custom matching to corporate colors is available.

Color Filters : A wide assortment of interchangeable color filters act like sleeves over the compact fluorescent bulb. Filters turn your white Moonlight® into a colorful spectacular matching your event's color plans or simply setting the right mood. Quick and easy to change and can turn your standard white globe to any of 24 different colors when illuminated.

Moonlight UNIQUE : None of the "Unikate" resembles the other, each one of them has an uncompared fullness of nuances shining aura. Our World-Novelty "UNIQUE" is a individually formed Light made of 100% dyed material, designed too, for unlimited outdoor use.

NeverDark® : Available as an option on every Moonlight® product, NeverDark® is a mineral additive that allows the globe to glow when power has been disconnected. Illuminating for up to 90 minutes, NeverDark® adds a security option to the light allowing for safer emergency egress in emergencies.