Lando Casalando Collection

Thirty year of history, thirty years of style

Faithful reproductions of traditional furniture, meets modern expression by combination of art, skill and passion. Lando production insist of pursuing the beauty living is, above all, "quality thought"




Casalando collection

Casalando proposes furnishing elements made of cherry wood opportunely seasoned using a high standard for the selection of materials.

Convivio collection

The Convivio collection, designed by the architect Enzo Berti, stands out for its strong sculptural impact. The design highlights the real values of a traditional kitchen, both warm and comforting.

Gingerbread collection

The Lando Gingerbread collection, designed by Paola Navone, recalls classic forms that have lost their third dimension, like cardboard furniture in a dolls' house.

Golf collection

Pure and essential lines, geometries that intertwine and meld into an unopposed harmony, large amounts of personality and attention given to the assembling and blending of each element.